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Dinosaur World - Large Resin Inserts

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Resin flisat inserts are shiny and new in the shop. We are so excited to offer these to up your sensory set up game.

These have been specifically designed to inspire creative & open ended play.

Use with play-dough, small world play, slime, or sensory fillers (& I am sure much more)

These inserts can definitely be used with multiple set ups. If you need ideas, just ask! We are always happy to make suggestions.

Small variations between inserts of the same theme will occur. We follow the same layout but due to variations in wood slice/rock sizes, etc and the natural art flow, they will never be identical. Each piece is a unique piece. 

** Only Resin insert included. Loose parts, animals, filler etc used in photos are not included.


Made with acrylic inserts. These resin products are handmade, so small imperfections do happen, such as small air bubbles. Colours may vary slightly between orders. All sharp edges will be sanded over! Resin items are not recommended for use by children under three years old. Adult supervision is always recommended. Resin products are not intended for mouthing or consuming.