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Resin Human Organs

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I love making products that make learning more appealing & fun for kids!

These “glitter guts” or “disco organs” are just for that! 

We hope your kids can enjoy finding out about different body systems & organ names/types through the addition of these resin order sets.

Also can be used as loose parts in sensory play, such as a zombie, halloween, doctor, operation, or the human body.


If you would like to see a different colour or colour combo, PLEASE let me know and I will add them.

Another addition I suggest for learning about the human body systems/parts are the printable inserts by Practically Playing.



Some solid coloured organs may come with sparse glitter in them. 

These resin products are handmade, so small imperfections do happen, such as small air bubbles. Colours may vary slightly between orders. All sharp edges will be sanded over! Small resin items are not recommended for use by children under three years old. Adult supervision is always recommended. Resin products are not intended for mouthing or consuming.