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PREORDER - Resin reusable valentines - 3 pack (dry erase)

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Resin reusable valentines

PREORDER listing will ship in 1-2 weeks from date ordered :)

Use dry erase or washable paints to decorate their valentines and then wash them and do it again!
**Sanded sides are NOT dry erase. However, if any marker gets on the side, rubbing alcohol should take it off (I have tested this and it worked for me).
Comes with 3 resin valentines
**No dry erase markers or paint etc included**


These resin products are handmade, so small imperfections do happen, such as small air bubbles. Colours may vary slightly between orders. All sharp edges will be sanded over! Small resin items are not recommended for use by children under three years old. Adult supervision is always recommended. Resin products are not intended for mouthing or consuming.